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Come and discover all the markets in the program.

Nature Reserve

A path leads round the habitat, which can be covered both on foot as well as by bicycle. The nature reserve, which is located right next to the campsite, is home to a variety of birds and fish, just waiting to be discovered.


Bondone is a characteristic village, which is located just 4 kilometres from our resort complex. The narrow streets of the small village of coal miners offer calmness and fantastic views of the lake.

Eco Museum of Chiese Valley

The Eco Museum is first and foremost a mirror in which the residents of Chiese Valley can re-discover their own identity. Nevertheless, students and visitors can also directly experience the history and culture of such a place here.

Rocca d ' Anfo

With respect to the cultural aspect, the Rocca d´Anfo, which was built as a military fortress by the Republic of Venice in the 15th century, is without a doubt the flagship of Lake Idro.

San Giovanni Castle

The San Giovanni Castle is situated above Lake Idro. It belonged to the Lodron family for centuries, which ruled over the valley and later spread its influence over Trentino, Austria and Bavaria.